Scholarships: an investment in tomorrow’s leaders

Figuring out how to pay for college is a constant concern for current and prospective students and their families. Fortunately, receiving a scholarship relieves some of that burden.

fels6At Nichols College, every dollar that’s given to a scholarship fund helps a student who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford Nichols.

Beyond providing financial assistance, scholarships motivate students – to attend college, to stay in college, to study hard, to succeed, and to gain a greater appreciation of the circle of philanthropic life: People whom they have never met but who have walked in their shoes on the Nichols campus are making an investment in their future. (Read about how the generosity of Jim Wagner ’59 is making a difference.)

Nichols College offers a numbers of scholarships to bridge the gap of unmet need and motivate students to seize opportunities, discover their potential and distinguish themselves in the workplace. At Nichols, scholarships are investments in tomorrow’s leaders.

“I attribute my achievements in business to my experience at Nichols. I hope to contribute to the success of current and future Nichols’ students by making life a little easier financially for those who really need it.”
Bob Vaudreuil ’77, Scholarship Donor
Percentage of Full-time Students Receiving Aid: 98
Nichols College Endowment: $9.7 million
Endowed Scholarship Goal: 45+
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