An inspirational challenge

During the public phase of the Bicentennial Campaign, the college hopes to increase the number of endowed scholarships from 30 to at least 45.  John Davis ’72, chairman of the Board of Trustees and co-chair of the campaign, has recently committed $1 million to scholarship, a portion of which will be used to inspire – and challenge – donors to reach our goal.

Here’s how it works: A commitment of at least $25,000 is needed to endow a scholarship. This can be paid all at once or over a maximum period of five years. Either way, the fund will not generate enough income to award that scholarship until about a year after the $25,000 is paid in full. NC May14 432So, in some cases, it could take five or six years. John Davis is challenging donors to commit to endowing a scholarship for at least $25,000 before the close of the campaign in June 2017. For each scholarship created, he will donate $10,000 to ensure that a $2,000 scholarship can be distributed to a deserving student in the donor’s name right away, for a maximum of five years or until the commitment is paid in full.

Contact Bill Pieczynski at or 866-622-4766 to begin leaving your legacy with an endowed scholarship today.